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Polish Your Wood Deck With These Tips

If your wood deck no longer looks as glorious as it used to and you’re no longer comfortable hosting friends on it, it’s time to refresh it. The task is not difficult and you can do it if you just create some time. Here’s what you need to do when you get time on a sunny day:

The first thing you will require doing is evaluation and repairs. Brush your deck to remove all debris and begin by assessing regions that are in contact with the ground then the decking rails. Take note of breaking wood, rotten boards, and loose joints and nuts. Replace all rotten bolts with new ones, loose nails with screws, and imperfect wood with specialty lumber or pressure-treated wood. Learn more about specialty lumber or pressure-treated wood here.

If you are looking to applying a new coat of paint or stain to your deck, it is imperative that you remove the current layer first. A scrapper is handy on the task, but make sure you check your deck again to ascertain that all nails and screws are well in place. Make use of a stain remover for excellent results.

You will then scrub your deck thoroughly with an appropriate cleaning product. Make sure you wear personal protective equipment because the cleaning products can be harsh to your skin, and cover surrounding vegetation or spray it with water to increase their resistance against chemical damage.

Rinse the cleaning products with a deep pressure cleaner which easily removes dirt. In case you cannot access a deep pressure cleaner, make use of a rigid bristled push cleaner. While using a deep pressure cleaner, use light force on your deck to prevent damage that may affect its outlook. Use a spray motion to this effect. Your deck must be spotlessly clean before going to the next step.

Deep cleaning makes your deck’s wood fibers to raise and splinter. A sandpaper will help you make the surface smooth. The grit you use should be below 100 to maintain the wood’s absorptive properties. Use some reasonable force when you start out, then less energy as your surface improves. Make sure your deck handles are correctly done because that’s where you’ll be judged from.

When everything up to this point seems to satisfy you, it is time to stain your deck. Ensure that you acquire high-quality products to get excellent results. For easier maintenance and durability, use a reliable stain product. It is best to use an oil-based product as well because it stains your deck deeply beyond the surface. It is best to use semi-transparent stains on old wood because they produce consistent results. If your wood is still new, a clear stain will do.

Your products instructions will tell you which tools are ideal for the job. For large surfaces you will find it best to use rollers, and brushes for trickier surfaces. Wait 48 hours before staining your deck and test a patch first to know what color you will achieve. Work from top to bottom and apply a water repellent in between layers.