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Trendy Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Wedding

If there is anything that should be given special attention in a wedding day preparation, it is the dress that the bride will wear. Although playing minor roles in your wedding, bridesmaids also need to look great on your wedding day. If you really want your bridesmaids to look stunning on your wedding day, you need to pick pretty bridesmaid dresses. To make it easy on your, you can simply check out bridesmaid trends for the coming year.

One of the bridesmaid trends for 2018 which is already here is mismatched bridesmaid dresses. The traditional attire for bridesmaids, which is uniform in everything, is no longer followed in most weddings today. You can already witness weddings where bridesmaids have mismatched dresses and this will continue for the coming year. With mismatched dresses, your bridesmaids will be able to choose their own style and colors that fit their bodies and skin tones, and will make them look great in photographs.

However, you should not give your bridesmaids complete freedom since you also want cohesion when it comes to their dress styles on your wedding day. So put some rules in place. Essentially, there are four elements to consider in the dress of a bridesmaid, but you only need to decide on two elements that should be consistent. The elements to consider are the neckline, hem length, color palette material.

To create or flaunt body curves, halter necklines are ideal and great for many body types. Jewelry is not a problem with this neckline because statement earrings with no necklace will do. You can also choose the popular and elegant one shoulder neckline for your bridesmaids.

You get a sexy look for your floor length dresses with high slits. Strappy high heeled sandals like the ones from Rachel Simpson will look great with these dresses.

If you want a unique dress, choose one with flowy dress top. Wrap dresses are also great in cocktail length and floor length.

Two piece dresses for your bridesmaid is also a growing trend. This is ideal if your wedding is not the traditional kind and with a younger crowd. In this style, you can mix and match tops and skirts.

If you choose flutter sleeves, the dresses will have a vintage touch. Floral patterns and feminine metallic patterns are great with flutter sleeves.

For fall and winter weddings, choose velvet dresses in dark, jewel tones. Sparkly dresses are great any time of the year, you can have your bridesmaid wear sparkly dresses. Small, sparkle patterns to full length sequin dresses are great.

When it comes to color, nostalgia rose is it. This rich pink color has purple undertones. Whatever season you weat this, it will look great. It is also great to have jewel tones. They are ultra rich with deep natural colors. Examples are dark emerald greens, rich mustard yellow, and deep ruby red. This is for outdoor winter weddings.

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