8 Lessons Learned: Gear

Snorkelling How To Do It Like A Pro

Snorkelling is one of those activities that you try to make the most of. These tips will help you to use the time you have in water to the fullest.

When you decide you want to go snorkeling you should choose an area with very little people. A lot of people will cause the fish to be scared and mishaps, such as splashing water down your breathing tube. If you want fantastic results try to avoid making too many movements. Snorkelling will test your patience, and that is why you need to try to wrap your head around it.

The moment you start looking for gear you will be on a path to getting to know more about snorkeling. Get yourself high-end gear so that you can enjoy your experience. That is if you are going for a mask you want to go for one that is the correct size and fits comfortably. A store such as Ninja Shark snorkeling is a good place to start at, because they have all that you need. Other than a mask you should also get yourself a breathing tube and fins which fit comfortably as well. Closed heel fins are recommended because they stick to your feet better, that is why you will need to get one in your specific size.

It’s annoying when you always need to remove your mask of so as to wipe the fog away. One great move is to splash your face and hair with some water. This makes your face closer to the same temperature as the sea water before placing the mask back on and reduces the risk of fogging. There is another step that involves applying toothpaste to the lenses. Afterwards you should rinse it completely so as to help with the fogging.

Before you use the snorkel in the water, learn how to use it. This allows you to get used to the feeling of a small bit of air flow resistance that is created using a snorkel. Some snorkels usually have a purge valve or other way to remove the water, thus make sure that you have seen your specific instructions on how to do these. There are times when water completely covers the snorkels, and this requires you to push the water out. When this happens breath slowly so that you don’t inhale water, it will also help you to know whether there is water in your mouth and when the snorkeling needs to get cleared out.

The best snorkeling position is to have your hands cross over your chest and to gently kick with your fins. Having your arms crossed over your chest keeps you warm if the temperature suddenly falls, another point to keep in your mind is that you should kick with your ankles. This way you can make small splashes that will not startle the fish.